Best Healthy and Easy Recipes for Taking Care of Yourself at Home

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Health care should start at home, which is why eating nutritious food is so important. Especially in these times when eating outside the home is very poor, nutritionally speaking, or very expensive. In order to help, we are going to mention the best healthy recipes to prepare at home.

These recipes help the body to get all the necessary nutrients and, at the same time, to enjoy eating.

4 healthy and easy recipes to take care of yourself at home

Nutritionists establish a number of daily nutrients, which the human body requires in order to function properly. Tatiana Zanin, an expert nutritionist in these issues, highlights the best recipes to meet these standards. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Cucumber with sardines

The greatest virtue of this healthy recipe is that, besides being very easy to prepare, it is very beneficial for the body because of the many nutrients it provides. In addition to fibre, the body receives vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, which act as antioxidants. For this dish, the following ingredients are needed.

  • Sardines. At least 12 are needed, which should be filleted.
  • Cucumbers. 2 may be enough, if the number of people is 4 or less.
  • Cheese. Less than 100 grams is fine.
  • Lemon and pepper.

After cleaning the sardines well, put the lemon juice on all of them. Then let them rest for several hours in the refrigerator.

The cucumber should be cut into slices, being these as thin as possible. After several hours, cut the sardines into several pieces and serve them together with the cucumbers.

Vinaigrette can be added to this recipe to make it even more appetizing, for which a little olive oil, vinegar and capers are needed. To prepare it, mix oil and vinegar with a little salt. Then add capers and mint, if available. This will be used to dress the sardines.

Pea cream

Pea creams are an excellent alternative and a good healthy recipe thanks to the many nutrients they provide. One of its greatest benefits is enjoyed by the cardiovascular system, as it is protected by lutein. These are the ingredients for this recipe.

  • Peas. A little more than half a kilo of peas is required.
  • Potatoes and leeks. For a meal of 4 people, two of each can be used.
  • Butter. 30 grams is enough.
  • Gorgonzola. In this case the quantity required is 100 grams.
  • Bread. Loaf bread is preferred. It will take at least two slices.
  • Pine nuts and olive oil. Two tablespoons of each are needed.

For the preparation of this healthy recipe, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations. To begin with, wash and clean each of the ingredients. After peeling the potatoes, they are cut into slices as well as the leeks. The bread should be reduced to many squares and then toasted. The pine nuts should also be toasted.

Now it is time to mix the ingredients. In a hot pot, first place the butter, then the leeks and, after several minutes, add the potatoes and peas. Then add enough water to cover them. Put a lid on the pan and wait at least 20 minutes. Then serve the cream with the breads and other ingredients.

Carrot cream

Carrot has a great amount of vitamins, being the B group vitamins the most important ones, besides C and E. These are just some of its beneficial components for the organism. The preparation of a meal with them is very positive. These are the necessary ingredients.

  • Carrots. 500 grams
  • Onions. One is enough.
  • Orange. Two are needed.
  • Butter. About 60 grams is enough.
  • Flour. You only need a handful of it.
  • Cheese. Preferably Parmesan. With 50 grams is enough.
  • Pine nuts. No more than 20 grams.
  • Cream. It must be in liquid state, being necessary 100 milliliters.

For its preparation the onions and carrots must be chopped in small pieces. Then they are smeared in butter. After 2 minutes, add the flour and the chicken broth. It is time to add salt and pepper and cook for 10 minutes. Then add the vegetables, orange juice and cream. It can be served with pine nuts, which are chopped and cooked a little with the cheese

Vegetable cakes with oatmeal

To enjoy a meal full of vitamins and at the same time attractive, it is necessary to combine the right ingredients. This simple recipe meets these requirements. To make it you need.

  • Oatmeal. Just one cup.
  • Eggs. Just one.
  • Garlic. Preferably powdered. Only a little is required.
  • Mustard. It is optional. A small spoon.
  • Vegetables. You need 200 grams of zucchini and 3 carrots.

To prepare it, all the vegetables must be washed well. Now they are grated in order to eliminate the water they have. After that, they have to be put together in a container with the egg, oatmeal, mustard and garlic. This mixture should take a certain consistency, enough to be able to form small cakes with it.

Now it is only necessary to heat a frying pan, or similar, to place the cakes. In order to avoid the use of oil, and that the mixture adheres to the pan, you can use one with anti-adhesive capacity. Another alternative is to cook the mixture in the oven. They are ideal for a dinner party and thanks to their color they will be very eye-catching.

Use your imagination

There are many alternatives for making cakes with vegetables. It is enough to know which one is the most suitable for it. For example, cauliflower, pumpkin, among others, are ideal to apply the 4th recipe of this article. All that is required is a little creativity.

Something that certainly works very well is to know the benefits of each ingredient, for example, the vitamins it provides to the body. In this way, healthy and easy-to-make recipes can be devised.

German Fuertes Otero
German Fuertes Otero
CEO at M.D. from Stanford Medicine: Stanford, California, US, M.Sc. from University of Cambridge: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK and University of Oxford: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. PhD at Harvard University Harvard Catalyst: Cambridge, MA, US.

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