What is Oil of Oregano: Health Benefits

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One of the condiments commonly used in food is oregano. Thanks to it, it is able to give a singular touch to meals, making them more appetizing. It is not for nothing that it is known as the joy of the mountain. But, there is a presentation of this spice that offers even more benefits to the human body, we are talking about oregano oil.

What is oregano oil? What are the risks and benefits of its consumption? In this article, we will answer these and other questions.

What is oregano oil?

Oregano oil is an essential oil derived from the oregano plant (Origanum vulgare). It is traditionally used to treat digestive and respiratory problems. It is also believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The name already lets us know that oregano oil is obtained from this plant, specifically from its leaves. After a distillation process, a yellow-colored product is obtained , with a somewhat spicy flavor and, as expected, with a very strong oregano smell

The origin of the use of oregano is attributed to Europe, being very probably this place where the use of its presentation in oil also began. The Mediterranean area has the ideal conditions for its cultivation, although nowadays, it can be found almost everywhere in the world.

Properties of oregano oil

Natalia Moragues, pharmacist, dietician and renowned nutritionist, assures that oregano oil has some very useful characteristics, such as the following

  • Antiseptic. It is able to help reduce infections thanks to carvacrol, which is the most important element in its composition.
  • Antibacterial. Once again, carvacrol is the perfect ally to eliminate bacteria, the most common being MRSA.
  • Antioxidants. Thanks to its active ingredients, it allows the body to successfully defend itself against free radicals and their effects.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Beta caryophylline allows the swelling in the applied area to be reduced.

Other properties attributed to oregano oil, and with good reason, are analgesic, anesthetic, antifungal and even anticarcinogenic. Each of these is related to the components, among which carvacrol always stands out, as well as the effect it causes in the body, helping to increase the capacity of some hormones, such as dopamine.

Health benefits of oregano oil

Different expert pharmacists and nutritionists, such as Andrea Márquez and Josep Allué, highlight the many benefits that can be achieved thanks to oregano oil.

Helps the digestive system

This is one of the most common uses of this oil in Europe. Countries such as Austria recommend it to help people with gastrointestinal tract problems. It is able to increase the capacity of the digestive system, making this part of the body work better. The presentation in the form of tea is the best option in this case.

Improves health in the face of degenerative processes

Some degenerative conditions are often accompanied by inflammation, which contributes to increased pain. Such is the case of arthritis and osteoarthritis. But, as oregano oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce these symptoms, making the process more bearable.

Cares for the skin

The skin is one of the most exposed organs of the body, due to the fact that it receives direct sunlight, as well as mosquito and insect bites. That is why the consumption of oregano oil is appropriate. It helps fight free radicals, reduces infections in the body and eliminates the presence of blisters or scars. So you stay much healthier.

Eliminates cancer cells

Cancer is one of the diseases that cause the most fear and concern in people. But, it has been confirmed through medical studies, such as the one conducted at the University of China in Harbin, that oregano oil is able to prevent colon cancer. Even when this disease is already present, it can eliminate cancer cells.

Improves mood

Some substances help to improve mood. Among them we find serotonin and dopamine. This means that, if they are active, the happier or happier the person is. When oregano oil is consumed, both the amount and the activity of these substances can be increased. Thus, conditions such as depression or anxiety are greatly reduced.

Recommended dosage of oregano oil

Both the amount and the way of using oregano oil depend on the objective sought. For example, if a person wishes to keep himself protected from infectious diseases, he only needs 3 drops a day, being that the maximum dose.

On the other hand, in case of already suffering from a viral disease, it is recommended to double the dose for a maximum period of 10 hours. After that, return to the normal dose. Now, if you want to eliminate the presence of fungus in any part of the body, it should be applied in the area, being 3 times the maximum allowed

The amounts could vary depending on the condition, and the degree of the same. In addition, each person is different, so the best way to be sure is to seek advice from a health expert.

Risks and contraindications of oregano oil

Excessive consumption of oregano oil may cause adverse effects. Some of the symptoms of overdose are stomach disturbances, vomiting, nausea, among others. In the presence of these symptoms, immediate medical assistance is needed

It is necessary to point out, as explained by nutritionist Elena de la Fuente, that some people should not use this product. They are the following.

  • Pregnant women. It can alter the natural functioning of the body, affecting the health of mother and baby. The same applies to breastfeeding.
  • Children. The only way to ingest it is if they are over 5 years old. Likewise, experts recommend diluting it in fruit juice or other liquid.
  • Babies. It should not be used in them in any of its presentations. It is better to wait until after the first year of birth.

The risks and benefits of consuming oregano oil are still unclear. Some studies show that oregano oil may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

However, other studies do not show these effects. More studies are also needed to determine if oregano oil has other health benefits.

The properties of oregano oil are very useful for health. It is one of the gifts we find in nature.

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