Royal Jelly: Benefits, 5 properties and uses

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When it comes to the food reserved for royalty, they always look for the best, the most nutritious, the best quality, etc. This not only happens in people, but also in animals we notice this behavior. Let’s take as an example bees, which work for the queen, always providing them with royal jelly.

In this article we will be looking at what royal jelly is, what are its properties as well as the benefits it brings to the body.

What is royal jelly?

We call royal jelly the food prepared by bees to feed their queen. It is different from the honey we know, because it is a substance with other properties and characteristics. It is white in color, has an acid taste and a creamy texture

It is a very appreciated food thanks to its composition, being the B vitamins and folic acid the most known elements. Due to the importance of the queen for the bees, royal jelly in its pure state is the food she is given all her life

Properties of royal jelly

We can learn a lot from the care that bees give to their queen, because their purpose is to keep her alive and healthy. This means that royal jelly is food with useful properties for health. Pablo Roca, with great experience in medical matters, highlights some of them.

  • Oxygenating. The presence of vitamin B6 in royal jelly helps the production of red blood cells, whose main function is to carry oxygen to the body.
  • Regenerating. Both folic acid and some of the amino acids it contains help to produce the proteins required by the body, replacing those already used.
  • Strengthening. Muscles require different minerals to remain strong. Royal jelly contributes to this by providing calcium, zinc, among others.
  • Protective. Copper, one of the elements available in royal jelly, has the ability to protect the body. One of the ways is by keeping the arteries in good condition, as well as the defense system.
  • Antibiotic. The presence of 10-hydroxydecenoic acid helps to counteract infections and even prevent them.

Benefits of royal jelly

Thanks to all the properties it possesses, royal jelly is of great help in health matters. Let’s see some of the benefits it produces.

Increases energy

One of the effects of royal jelly on the body is directed to the nervous system. When you get more energy, it influences your physical and mental capacity. That is why you now feel stronger and are able to perform many more activities than usual.

Take care of your skin health

It is normal to want to have smooth and healthy skin. That is why the intake of royal jelly is recommended. It allows the skin to get rid of the effects of free radicals. It also helps to recover elasticity by increasing the production of cells and, at the same time, prevents the aging of those already present.

Strengthens the body’s defenses

In addition to improving concentration and physical capacity, royal jelly also helps to keep the body protected. It does this by increasing the amount of lymphocytes, the body’s protective agents against any foreign element

One of the ways in which royal jelly is used in medicine is for immune diseases, such as in people with cellular immunodeficiency. The study Royal jelly (chewable tablets), an alternative in the treatment of pediatric patients with cellular immunodeficiency, points out the results that have been obtained so far by applying this somewhat innovative method.

Help with mental illnesses

Some mental conditions, such as depression, anxiety and loss of orientation can be reduced with royal jelly. This was proven by a study involving more than 100 elderly people. The success is due to the vitamin B5 it possesses, which produces melatonin, one of the hormones that improves mood.

Risks and contraindications of royal jelly

As experts point out, royal jelly has many health benefits. However, its use must be balanced, otherwise it could cause negative effects. To be on the safe side, a list of recommendations has been drawn up.

This list highlights that the amount to be consumed should not exceed 500 milligrams per day. In addition, it is necessary to alternate the consumption of royal jelly for a month, with the abstention of this product during a similar period. Another recommendation is to make sure it is original and of good quality.

When consumed according to the given recommendations, there is no risk of suffering any adverse reaction. However, some people cannot ingest this product. They are the following groups.

  • Allergy sufferers. Whether it is an allergy to pollen, or to any other component necessary in the elaboration of the jelly, it is vital not to make use of it to avoid adverse reactions.
  • People with stomach problems. The consumption can cause stomach affections. This happens when there is already the presence of some affection in this area.
  • Asthmatics. Those who suffer from asthma cannot consume it. The reason is that it could cause and increase the intensity of the symptoms putting their life at risk.
  • People with Addison’s disease. Both this condition and royal jelly affect the production of cortisol, so its effect would be harmful to health.
  • Hypertensives. As royal jelly affects the tension of the arteries, it is risky for those who suffer from serious conditions in this part of the body.

Although it has not been proven with total certainty, pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding should also refrain from consuming it. This avoids risks to mother and baby.

Responsible consumption of royal jelly helps to improve health. Much can be gained from its excellent properties.

German Fuertes Otero
German Fuertes Otero
CEO at M.D. from Stanford Medicine: Stanford, California, US, M.Sc. from University of Cambridge: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK and University of Oxford: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. PhD at Harvard University Harvard Catalyst: Cambridge, MA, US.

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