Niacinamide: Properties, Benefits and Contraindications

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Many of the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body are created by the body itself. Others, on the other hand, must be obtained in their entirety from food and drink. Whatever the case, it is vital that the body always has all the necessary nutrients. One of them is niacinamide

In this article, we will talk about niacinamide. We will see what it is and the benefits it brings to the body.

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a vitamin. In order to fulfil its functions, it has a slight variation, making it similar but not the same as vitamin B3

Among the processes in which it influences, we find the nervous and cardiovascular systems. That is why it is considered a valuable part of the organism. It is responsible for mechanisms that influence the health and performance of the person.

Properties of niacinamide

In addition to fulfilling several functions, being the substance that initiates several processes, it is also an excellent skin protector. It can even contribute to improve the condition of the skin. That is why, after research, the different properties of niacinamide have been discovered. They are all related to the reactions it causes in the body.

Once the body receives niacinamide, it produces, after some chemical processes, coenzymes that allow the body to activate the anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in the elimination of the effects of free radicals in the body, thanks to its antioxidant capacity.

Another of its properties is restorative, being the skin tissues the most benefited. All this is possible because the body releases a large amount of chemical compounds. In other words, the properties of niacinamide act in the body, so that it fulfills different functions that regulate its optimal functioning.

Benefits of niacinamide

Thanks to the properties of niacinamide, the body benefits greatly. Let’s see in detail some of the results obtained thanks to its intervention. In this case, we will use the information provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Helps skin recovery

One of the major effects of exposure to sunlight on the skin, among the many it causes, is the darkening of the skin. But, niacinamide acts as a bleach. It is also positive in reducing and even eliminating blemishes on the body.

It does this by acting as a depigmented. And, in addition, that new colouration can be sustained for a long time, thanks to the fact that it remains in the body, limiting the negative effects of UV rays as well as other harmful elements.

Eliminates the effects of acne

Acne is one of the conditions that can be eliminated with niacinamide. As we know, this element has a sebum suppressing property, so it is very easy to prevent the production of oil on the face, which is the main cause of acne. As the days go by, the facial area recovers until there is no trace of the condition.

Promotes the production of insulin

Insulin is a very important component in the health of diabetics. A very low production could affect them considerably. However, if niacinamide is used, one can rest assured that the body will continue to produce the right amount. It also influences blood glucose regulation, another benefit for those with diabetes.

German Fuertes Otero
German Fuertes Otero
CEO at M.D. from Stanford Medicine: Stanford, California, US, M.Sc. from University of Cambridge: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK and University of Oxford: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. PhD at Harvard University Harvard Catalyst: Cambridge, MA, US.

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