Boxing: Benefits and Properties What is it for?

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Many sports are practiced around the world, some require the participation of a team, while others have only one representative. In the latter group we find boxing, which certainly has the favor of some and the repudiation of others. However, it has been proven that besides being a business or competition, it also has positive properties for the body.

In this article we will see what this sport is all about, what are its characteristics and, above all, what are the risks associated with its practice.

What is boxing about?

Boxing is a sport in which two people, known as boxers, fight against each other, categorized by weight. A ring is used for its execution and the goal is to hit the opponent until he/she falls down. In addition, there are judges present, who must define the winner in case neither of the contestants falls, after the set time.

Only punches with gloved fists are allowed. These must be above the waist. Generally, the winners are those who are faster with both fists and feet. Of course, a great physical and mental preparation is required to face a fight of this type. We are going to focus on this training.

Boxing characteristics

Boxing is not an activity exclusive to professionals, or those who wish to become professionals in this sport. The techniques used for training have been evaluated by some experienced trainers. All agree that they are very useful for physical well-being. For example, Pablo Benadiba, physical trainer, highlights the following.


During exercise , many calories are burned. The amount will depend on the time and frequency with which it is performed. Thanks to this, weight is lost. For that reason, those who practice it regularly manage to get and stay in good shape.


The relaxing effect is one of the main reasons why many people seek to practice boxing. When exercising, elements such as endorphins are released, which are responsible for a good mood and a sense of well-being. It also eliminates stress, which appears especially in people who do little or no physical activity.


It is true that to have a good physique, it takes time and effort, but the practice of boxing is one of the best ways to achieve it. The demanding activity of boxing contributes to a complete improvement in athletic condition. This translates into a more toned and stronger body.


Experts, both in nutrition and boxing, have pointed out that those who practice this sport feel more self-confident. This allows their self-esteem to be strengthened. This self-confidence contributes to improve not only the physical but also the mental capacity of each person.

Benefits of boxing

Thanks to the different properties of boxing, you can have a lot of health benefits. Different boxing experts point out the following.

Improves physical capacity

Its practice improves blood circulation. It also helps to strengthen physical and mental endurance. All this is achieved by performing both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The speed of some movements, as well as the duration of others, make it one of the most complete workouts.

Helps the cardiovascular system

Boxing, performed for some intervals of time, helps to improve the condition of the heart. This is benefited by maintaining its good functioning, in addition to reducing any symptoms of hypertension. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep the arteries clear. As a result, the entire cardiovascular system is strengthened.

Strengthens bones

Bones require calcium and other components to remain strong. But they can also be strengthened through exercise. Those who perform exercises related to boxing are able to increase the strength of the bone structure. This is especially achieved by performing this exercise on a regular basis.

The whole body benefits

By practicing it, you get to exercise the whole body. For example, when you hit your opponent, or the bag used in training, both the chest and the triceps area is demanded to the maximum, strengthening.

Other areas of the body are also exercised when dodging the opponent’s blows, as well as when protecting oneself from the opponent’s blows. Each of these movements increases the physical capacity of the muscles throughout the body.

Other benefits

Any kind of exercise significantly affects the body’s ability to react. Especially boxing, because it requires concentration and mental agility on the part of those who practice it. This exercise increases coordination and speed. Particularly when it is performed frequently.

Risks and contraindications of boxing

Although there are many benefits to be gained from boxing, this type of exercise is not for everyone. The different experts in physical training recommend not to do it in the following circumstances.

  • Those who have heart conditions. If you have serious heart problems, boxing can further increase the condition. Therefore, it is best to avoid it.
  • People with injuries. The physical demands of boxing are very high, which is why it can aggravate existing injuries.
  • Warming up. It is not recommended to practice boxing without previous training. It can considerably affect the functioning of the body.

The World Medical Assembly has demanded for several years the complete elimination of boxing. The main reason is the risk it poses to health, especially because of blows to the head. It has been proven that the risk of serious physical problems, such as head injuries, is even greater when boxing is practiced.

However, boxing is still allowed and approved by the different institutions in charge of health protection. In fact, it is included among the most practiced sports worldwide.

This has a lot to do with the fact that boxing, and the techniques used in boxing, greatly contribute to good health. If you follow the recommendations of the experts, the benefits will be even greater.

German Fuertes Otero
German Fuertes Otero
CEO at M.D. from Stanford Medicine: Stanford, California, US, M.Sc. from University of Cambridge: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK and University of Oxford: Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK. PhD at Harvard University Harvard Catalyst: Cambridge, MA, US.

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